Whether at our regular meetings twice per month, or at trainings around Boston, across the nation or the world, you'll have incredible experiences as a Sea Cadet.


bi-weekly meetings


At our unit's regular drills in downtown Boston, you'll experience a wide variety of training.  Most drills begin with military-style calisthenics and physical training.  Following that, you might visit a local Coast Guard ship, go on a field trip to an area military unit, or participate in any of the multiple hands-on and classroom activities our talented volunteer team has planned.

Your attendance at regular Sunday drills is expected, and you are required to maintain a minimum 75% attendance rate.

recruit training

After enrolling in the program, you will be required to attend a mandatory Recruit Training during school break in the winter or summer.  The Recruit Trainings are located at various locations across the nation. The Recruit Training in Massachusetts operates during the summer, normally the first two weeks in July, and is located at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  

The curriculum of NSCC Recruit Training is approved by the U.S. Navy and generally standardized at all training sites.  Cadets receive over 100 hours of instruction, with a focus on the Navy’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

The goals of Recruit Training are to provide basic military training to NSCC recruits, and to encourage among these recruits teamwork, accountability, physical fitness, self-confidence, and self-discipline.


After you successfully complete Recruit Training, you’ll be eligible to attend one or more Advanced Trainings ("AT") during your summer and winter school breaks.  You'll look forward to new adventures every year, and there's always plenty to choose from!


Opportunities are available through our strong local relationships with several U.S. Coast Guard ships and shore stations.

National opportunities

Our national program, with over 10,000 cadets across the entire U.S. and territories, puts on an incredible NSCC advanced training for almost every interest you might have!  If you want to browse this year's training schedule, you can search our database.

International opportunities

Top performing cadets can apply for a highly-selective International Exchange Program which allows cadets to travel all across the world.  Recent destinations include the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Bermuda, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Sweden.

pictures from our cadets' trainings: