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The Massachusetts Bay division partakes in many high profile special events. The Navy, Coast Guard, and other military organizations call upon us to assist them. 


100th jfk birthday celebration

Sail Boston 2017

Photo by Brian Snyder (Reuters)

Photo by Brian Snyder (Reuters)

The flag fold perfectly, the creases rivaling those of the ones folded in Arlington. We shook with fear and anticipation as we made the final flag preparations in front of the throng of onlookers. The flag was presented to the director, who received it with gratitude. As we marched from the presentation, we looked back on the legacy that the flag represented: the Union Soldiers who gave their life at Antietam, the Soldiers struggling to break through the blockade in the Argonne, and the Marines willingly sacrificing their safety for refugees they would never know at Chosin. The flags folded at the JFK Museum idolize the passing of the torch from America's forefathers to its future generations. Our elders knew of sacrifices in places such as the Ardennes and La Drang, our generation knows of such sacrifices in the streets of Fallujah and the mountains of Tora Bora. As we reflect on the sacrifices of past heroes, cadets around the country must recognize that the pillars of citizenship and duty will soon call all of us to service that we constantly learn about. Although our service may not be comparable to that of those in the past, or even be associated with the military, we must develop as if the challenges in the future are akin to America's past struggles. Our service at JFK highlighted the rich history the Cadet Corps passes on and our perpetual commitment to serving our community and country. As General MacArthur stated, "Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be."

Article written by:                               Cadet Jared S., CPO 


The Coast Guard Eagle led the Parade of Sails. Cadets from five units in Massachusetts, to include the Massachusetts Bay Division, and Cadets from the United Kingdom, Tile Cross Academy, marched through the Charlestown Navy yard. They boarded and lined the Cassin Young for the opening ceremony. They provided the backdrop for this international media event.

Attending Sail Boston 2017 was a truly unique experience for all that were involved. As Sea Cadets, however, the experience was made far more memorable for a wide variety of reasons including the opportunity to tour the U.S.S Constitution and having the privilege to meet cadets from the other side of the Atlantic.

On June 17th, collaboration was the word of the day. Sea Cadet units far and wide came together to participate in Sail Boston as a single contingent. There were Sea Cadet units from Sub-Region 1-1 to include the Mass Bay Division. This meant that the leadership of officers and cadets from the Sub-Region had to collaborate and communicate effectively before and during Sail Boston to ensure everyone’s happiness and safety. On top of it all, leadership from the United States had to communicate with their British counterparts who were also in town for the event adding yet another layer to the line of communication.

However, the slogan “improvise, adapt, and overcome” was at the forefront of everyone’s mind which allowed the day to sail smoothly by without issue.

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity to go aboard the U.S.S Constitution and interact with active duty sailors while on a tour of the vessel. As expected, members of the American units as well as some of the sailors aboard couldn’t resist cracking a few jokes with their British counterparts regarding the history of Old Ironsides. They were of course exchanged in good humor and accompanied by many laughs.

It is without a doubt that Sail Boston will be remembered by those Sea Cadets as a positive experience for many years to come. The friendships that were made in that short span of time will surely endure and everyone looks forward to the next collaboration opportunity. 

Article written by:                              Cadet William P., PO2