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Reward yourself and A cadet...

When you Sponsor a Cadet you will not only reward the Cadet but you will reward yourself and/or your organization. Under the Sponsor a Cadet program, the donation you make will directly fund Cadets for Trainings. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations made to our organization are tax deductible. 

Work with our staff to develop the criteria for your sponsorship. There are many options to choose from. Sponsor a Cadet and you and/or your organization will be recognized at one of our awards ceremonies. 

Do not pass up a great opportunity to make a direct impact on our Cadets!

A $100 donation will Sponsor a Cadet for boot camp or a 2 week advance training.

A $75 donation will Sponsor a Cadet for a 9 day advance training.

A $50 donation will Sponsor a Cadet for a 1 week advance training.

You and/or your organization get to pick the training you like to support and develop the criteria the Cadet must meet to receive your sponsorship. You and/or your organization may also support several Cadets.

Submit your contact information here and our staff will contact you.

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